DSTEK Wins Two International Awards, Shines on the World Stage | AUTOMATE 2024 Concludes Successfully

    From May 6th to 9th, Automate 2024, the largest industrial automation exhibition in North America, was held in Chicago with great fanfare. Co-hosted by the Global Vision Association, the American Robotics Industry Association, and the Mobile Control Association, the event drew global attention. At this international technology feast, DSTEK Intelligent's star product lineup attracted countless eyeballs at the exhibition. The world's leading Handdle series visual software platform, self-developed 2D/2.5D/3D optical imaging systems, AI smart cameras, and a series of industrial AI vision industry solutions were unveiled, showcasing the top industrial AI vision force from China.


    Global technology summit gathering

   DSTEK has won two international awards

    As one of the world's largest industrial automation exhibitions, AUTOMATE 2024 is the peak gathering of technology. DSTEK's Handdle AI algorithm platform and AI smart cameras won two Awards at the Vision Systems Design 2024 Innovators Awards. The award, which has enjoyed a high reputation overseas for many years, is designed to recognize companies that have made outstanding contributions to innovation, design, research and development, and application, and also recognizes DSTEK's industry-leading role in promoting the continuous progress and widespread application of machine vision technology.


    Lead the industry

    DSTEK's new generation of standardized software/hardware products


    In response to the needs of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, DSTEK has independently developed Handdle series products, AI intelligent cameras, 2D/2.5D/3D self-developed optical imaging systems, etc. At the same time, it has also developed a general large model for the industrial field, and provided an integrated intelligent data analysis system integrating end, edge and cloud. It provides a series of cutting-edge AI solutions for the intelligent manufacturing market.


    AI goes to sea

    DSTEK's technical products cover all sectors of industry




    At the exhibition, DSTEK specially displayed the AI visual inspection scheme of the mobile phone rear camera, the automobile adhesive AI visual inspection scheme, the lithium battery 2D/3D seal nail welding AI visual inspection scheme, and the PCBA AI visual inspection scheme.

    At present, DSTEK's products and technical services have been widely used in all industrial scenarios:

    The testing scenario in the pan-3C field covers the appearance full inspection and parts testing of consumer electronics such as mobile phones, notebooks, industrial computers, tablets, and watches.

    The detection scenarios in the automotive field cover automotive welding AI defect detection, automotive battery shell online detection, door cover automatic assembly, gap surface difference online measurement, OCR identification, automotive stamping parts appearance detection.

    The detection scenario in the field of new energy lithium battery covers the whole process inspection & appearance final inspection of lithium battery, including the whole process inspection and appearance final inspection of square battery, cylindrical battery and soft pack battery.

    The detection scenarios in the field of universal semiconductors cover the detection of chips, leds, capacitors and inductors.


    DSTEK's global layout has achieved remarkable results. Our AI technology and products have been successfully deployed in the production lines of many well-known 3C and automotive manufacturing giants in North America and other places in the world. Our localized professional team, "zero-distance" technical support, barrier-free communication, and fast response greatly shorten the delivery time. It has won wide praise from customers in surrounding areas such as Canada and Mexico, including the core market of North America.

     The North American market, as an important base for the global manufacturing industry, has a growing demand for high-quality industrial vision AI inspection technology. Focusing on the North American market, DSTEK will deeply explore the pain points related to industrial vision encountered by the local manufacturing industry in the production process, and provide customers with AI vision intelligent solutions that are more in line with local needs. At the same time, the company will continue to expand overseas markets, combined with the project landing of global factories, to help the intelligent upgrading of the global manufacturing industry.